Saturday, February 24, 2007

Living Your Life as a Natural Born Psychic

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Living your life as a natural born psychic takes a great deal of discipline and a willingness to want to help others. As you allow your energies to come forward, you will see many people coming at you. Some of these people will say to you that you have a willingness to do better and others will say that you have the right to do what you are called to do. The psychic gift is something that must be expressed in a person’s lifetime. The feelings of it must be expressed in order for anyone to explore their true and natural calling towards life. The psychic gift is one that has great challenges and also humble beginnings.

A natural born gift is something that you just have. It cannot be given to you by any other source. It can be strengthened and it can be put into something great. However, it cannot be just given to you naturally from the start. A person that has a naturally born psychic gift will be the best psychic or prophet. These are people that are directly called by God to enhance the lives of others by touching them with a prophetic word. The prophetic word is something that cannot be ignored. It must always be expressed. Sometimes people have to wonder why they are here and what exactly God wants them to express in their lives.

The person that has such a high calling must express it. They will have an internal fire within them to express the way that they feel every day. Sometimes a psychic may have an off day in which they feel like they are simply not connecting with anyone. At times, you may feel as though you want to express your gift to anyone that is willing to listen to you. A true psychic gift is full of love and one that is willing to help others at anytime of the day.

You must be open to whatever the spirit guides have for you and to use your psychic ability to give to others what they really need. A true psychic gift must always make you feel as though you are giving your heart and your gift to others that are in need of your service. You must learn to discipline your gift before you use it. A natural born psychic gift must be used by anyone that feels called to the ministry and who wants to help others. Sometimes we may not know what to think when it comes to using our psychic ability, but we can help others to see that we are indeed coming closer to those that are in need of hearing what we have to tell them.

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