Sunday, January 27, 2008

So Realy what is a Psychic

The word 'psychic' originates from the Greek word 'Psyche'
meaning the human soul, spirit, or mind. Psychic - from
Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary 1 - of or
pertaining to the human soul or mind; mental (opposed to
physical). 2 - Psychology pertaining to or noting mental
phenomena that cannot be explained otherwise that as originating
outside of or independently of normal psychological processes 3
- outside of natural or scientific knowledge; spiritual 4- a
person who is specially sensitive to psychic influences or
forces of a nonphysical, apparently supernatural nature; medium.

Simply put, a psychic is someone who accesses and retrieves
information from the Universal Consciousness and Energies.

Where does the information come from? How do they get their

Well the answer to this does vary a bit, dependant on the
reader. All readers attact to your personal energy
vibration as well as the energies of Universal knowledge. There
a 5 main ways of receiving information: Clairvoyance is the
ability to "see" psychically. Clairaudience is the ability to
"hear" intuitively Clairsentience is the ability to "feel"
empathetically Clairaroma or clairscent, is the ability to
smell Clairgustus or clairsavourance, is the ability to
â?otasteâ? Some readers use one, some or all of these abilities
when doing a reading. Some also like to use a divination or
oracle tool to supplement the information they a re psychically
getting. This tools are often (but not limited too) tarot cards,
pendulum, automatic writing, scrying (ball gazing), runes and
tea leaves.

How do I find a psychic? How do I know a psychic is authentic?

First and foremost the BEST way is word of mouth! Get a
recommendation from someone you know that has personally had a
reading done. If you dont know anyone that fits this
category, do not be afraid to look around on your own (web,
phonebook, etc.). Once you have found a psychic the BEST advice
I can offer is to follow your gut! If it just does not feel
right to you, I encourage you to honor your own innate
intuition. And do not be afraid to ask for credentials! Ask if
the reader is certified, and if so from where? Ask how long they
have been doing readings. Ask for their accuracy rate (ohâ?¦ and
if ANYONE tells you their rate is 100%, I can assure that is NOT

What can I expect from a reading?

At the very least you should walk away with a bit more clarity
and insight regarding yourself, something and/or someone. At the
best, you should walk away from your reading feeling informed
and empowered! Readings a wonderful way of gathering information
that enables you to be prepared, make informed decisions and let
you know that you are in control! They are also an excellent
resource in seeing how the many pieces of your Life fit
together, giving you a clear look at the *Bigger Picture*

I hope you found this information helpful!

Blessings to All! Erin

About the author:
Erin K is a certified psychic with
, She is a non-denomination minister who specializes in
customized weddings & ceremonies. Erin has been a reader
for over 25 years, and offers readings using traditional
tarot as well as other Oracle cards. A Master of Reiki,
Shamballa & Seichim healing modalities

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